Shanghai based Spring Airlines have announced it is to introduce some old school sexism with its new themed uniforms.  The female flight attendants will be kitted out as maids while their male counterparts have a butlers outfit.

New Spring Air Stewardess "Maids Unifrom"


While it’s sure to partly be a publicity stunt it is reflecting the trend in some Japanese restaurants, bars and internet cafes where cosplay (costume play) waitresses have become hugely popular in recent years.

During what is regarded as air travels golden age the sexiness of stewardesses added to the glamour of the experience.  With employment laws in place in most western countries banning employment selection based on gender, age or fitness the days of the Southwest Airlines hot pants uniform of the 1970’s will be unlikely to make a return. Today are attractive & stylish stewards and stewardesses good for business?


What airlines cabin crew would you put at the top of your “hot list”?

We have listed some of the stewardesses (and Richard Branson) competing for your attention below…


Virgin Atlantic

Virgin definitely play up to the airline stewardess stereotype with its TV advertising, does the real world experience reflect this image?

ryanairRyan Air

Ryan Air as well as selling cheap flights for your Dublin city break also produce their annual “Girls of Ryan Air” Stewardess calendar.  Have you seen any of these young ladies on your travels?


Hooters Air

Hooters Air may have gone bust in 2006 but their iconic brand lives on in the memory of many frequent flyers.

wizzairWizz Air

Is the budget airline perfect for city breaks to Krakow or Warsaw also perfect in other ways?

airasiaAir Asia

Many of the airlines in Asia would feature strongly on people’s lists, who tops yours?  But sometimes you get more than you asked for!

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