Back in the early 2000’s only the adventurous, brave and independent traveller booked their holiday as separate elements – flights and hotel. Nearly 10 years later, we’ve have seen a complete reversal of the way people book their holidays. Now most people book ‘DIY’ holidays, with a smaller percentage of holidaymakers making a package holiday booking.

What’s the difference?

A package holiday is a package tour arranged by a travel operator like Thomas Cook. It is a holiday that has flights, transfers, food and accommodation all provided at an inclusive price.

DIY or Dynamic Packaging is the name given to the process of booking your holiday elements all independently. I.e. Flights with your favourite airline, on the flight you want to travel on. Rather than the one included with a package. Accommodation with a hotel consolidator, allowing you to find the cheapest supplier of your chosen hotel or apartments. Then of course you can also do the same with your transfers. There is a greater choice when holidaying in this manner.

What’s cheapest?

Given the growth of dynamic packaging by holiday makers over the years the numbers speak for themselves, in many cases a DIY holiday will be cheaper than a traditional package holiday. However, package holidays shouldn’t be completely discounted, especially at the very last minute when tour operators will often reduce their prices to get ‘bums on seats’, however these never pop up at peak travel times like school holidays.

Which is financially protected?

When you book with Travel Wasp both types of holiday are financially protected. Packages are protected with the tour operators ATOL licence and dynamic packaged holidays are protected by our own Flight-Plus ATOL.

More details on Flight-Plus can be found on the CAA website.

From the 30th April this year all firms in the UK must hold this licence – we have ours already, so don’t throw caution to the wind just to save a few pounds, make sure you only book with a travel agent, that is financially protected, it’s your money after all.

Which is right for me?

It’s really going to come down to personal preference. If you like the ability to book a holiday from a brochure at a fixed price that includes everything, then a package holiday is probably right for you. However, if you enjoy researching and booking and aren’t looking to be ‘herded’ from plane, to transfer, to hotel, to welcome meeting and back again, then a DIY holiday will be right up your street. The major benefit to doing this is going to be the massive savings you can make, savings that would normally end up in a tour operator’s profit margin.

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