As holidaymakers become more adventurous, so do the accessories designed to make their journeys and holidays easier. When I holidayed with my family as a teenager, I remember a Travel Iron being packed, at the time this mini domestic tool was a god send for getting creases out of clothes that had been rammed into overweight suitcases for the journey abroad.

In this age of technology there aren’t many things that haven’t been made in order to satisfy the need of the modern day traveller. Here are some of the latest and quite frankly strangest travel accessories currently available through your favourite online retailer!

So picture this, you have a long haul night flight in an economy seat, seats that were NEVER designed to be slept in. Most people can sleep sitting up, as long as there is somewhere to rest their head, failing that the slumped forward – ‘sore neck inducing’ position is always an option. Imagine falling asleep and then waking up with your head on the shoulder of the stranger next to you, sleepy drool running down your chin onto their arm – it has happened!

Relax Ally travel RestbandEnter the Relax Ally travel Restband, the idea is simple, strap your head to the headrest of the chair so that it cannot move. You can fall asleep in a comfortable ergonomic position. It is claimed you’ll wake up free from neck and shoulder soreness AND relaxed from a decent kip! You may get some odd looks though as you strap your head to your seat ’50 shades of grey style’.

While still on the subject of aircraft seats, last year British Airways had to apologise to a passenger after they were bitten by bedbugs on board two separate long-haul flights. Now bedbugs can spread to any public space and aren’t solely a result of poor hygiene. However due to quick turnaround times of airliners it is not always practical to deep clean passenger seats.

NiceSeatsIntroducing the portable seat cover made by NiceSeats. These covers were created to provide a barrier between you any potentially harmful bacteria or virus that can be found on public seats.

Available in a large variety of colours and designs, you’ll stand out a million miles from the rest of the passengers who’ll think you have paid for some upgraded service that no one else appears to be getting. Genius. The covers also have a handy pocket built for storing those extra little items that you can’t seem to cram in to the seat pocket in front of you or ideally for valuable items like iPod players that you don’t want to accidentally leave behind on the aircraft.

Having arrived safely at your destination, I am going to guess that your next issue is going to be communicating with the locals – assuming you don’t speaka da lingo. Forget stuffy, hard to read phrase books, you need the Point it: Travellers Language Kit. Essentially it’s a picture dictionary, with over 1300 pictures representing anything you could possible want or need, just open it up, find the picture and point. As it only comes in one language – pictures! You don’t need to buy a different version for every country you visit.

Point it: Travellers Language KitTo conclude this brief look into the world of some the weirdest travel accessories I have seen, I am giving you the modern day take on the Travel Iron… a Portable Washing Machine. Yes that’s right ladies, you may not be able to take the kitchen sink but we can give you a washing machine.

There are too many to pick one specific one out, however I can tell you this, they will take up less than half of a large suitcase and weigh next to nothing. Why spend hours scrubbing clothes in the bathroom sink, when you can load them into your very own washing machine and go out to dinner, happy in the knowledge that you’ll have nice clean pair of smalls to put on in the morning (subject to someone creating a portable tumble drier).

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